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Email Marketing

Email has an important role to play in customer acquisition, education, selling and relationship building. While SPAM is an ongoing issue, email will continue to be the communications method of choice thanks to its low cost and high convenience to the customer.

metrocafe311's email marketing clients include online retailers, corporate bodies, publishers and agencies that drive sales online, build brand awareness, influence sales offline and keep their customers informed with relevant updates, news and offers.

Some of the key advantages of email marketing over traditional direct mail include:

  • It’s cheaper, faster, and more testable than direct mail. Because you can test and measure the effectiveness of your web-centric email marketing in real-time, you can continuously learn about the effectiveness of your marketing on a named user and deeply granular basis. This gives you the opportunity to observe user behaviour and make appropriate changes to your communications strategy.
  • Viral marketing represent a tremendous opportunity to use ‘word-of-mouth’ on the Internet. A referred contact is a lot more valuable than a cold contact.
  • Full personalisation is offered, which can improve the customer’s experience. Knowing about the customer and delivering personalised / customised communications enables you to interact with specifically targeted groups.
  • As that relationship evolves, you can ask the customer for something in return, including more detailed information about themselves.
  • Communicating in a personalised, customised way means that sustainable relationships can be built. The Internet, with appropriate technology, enables the marketer to communicate individually – in volume.

Our campaigns achieve results for our clients that surpass industry standards (delivery, opens, click-thrus and sales conversion). The return that our clients get is a reflection of the creative talents, technical and industry knowledge, attention to detail and active account management that metrocafe311's email marketing team provides.

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