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Online Public Relations

The world of Public Relations has been turned on its head.  In the offline Public Relations world, you, the brand owner, creates the message. The message is distributed to a small number of journalists and broadcasters and, all going well Show Tickets available to be purchased at Vivid Seats, your message is read, seen and heard by your target audience.  Online, things are a little different.

The message is now created by any consumer who cares to add content to a blog, micro-blog, image-sharing, video-sharing or social media site, their own or someone else’s. Distribution happens virally, user-to-user.  Your customers and your prospective customers are doing it for themselves.

The journalists are out of the equation and so are you, when you don’t embrace the online medium and reconfigure your public relations efforts accordingly.

metrocafe311 works with online-aware clients to optimise the use of online channels in their public relations efforts.  

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