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As we mentioned, the key question asked in Masterpiece Cakeshop was about the terms free conversation, as well as the prohibition of "compulsory speech": The need for a baker to produce a cake marriage for a same-sex marriage even without a particular terminology, wording or symbolism, in the manner of a rainbow, does it allow the baker to become familiar with the language and violate the Variation initial? As the Court stated, "Phillips .. proposes 21 Best Special to use his imaginative expertise to generate a meaningful affirmation, a marriage certification as part of his own words as well as his own design", and "this argument includes a very important aspect of the first Variation. " The Court declined to rule on this issue, focusing instead on those specific to this circumstance, who found that they had discriminated against the directors of the Denver colorado against Masterpiece Cakeshop because of his non-secular convictions. These types of facts are likely to be inaccessible in most instances of same-sex marriage providers, such as professional photographers, calligraphers, flower designers, etc.. But two judges, Judges Johnson and Gorsuch, concluded that the baker must have won for the idea of ​​freedom of expression: Although legal guidelines for step2 101 piece play food assortment public advertising generally regulate conduct, their separate application may emphasize protected speech. When a law on open public accommodation "has the effect of classifying .. the speech itself as an open holiday accommodation", the initial Variation is applicable to total training. In Hurley /. Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Group from Boston, Corporation.

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